About Us

Bethesda Aquatics also offers beginner and advanced swim instruction for children and adults of all ages, developing and building confidence at all levels from elementary backstroke to competitive swim techniques. We emphasize safety in and around the pool and create a fun atmosphere to increase interest and motivate participants. Our approach focuses on developing skills through disciplined instruction, repetition and positive reinforcement.

Our advanced swim instruction focuses on improving technique, mechanics and endurance. The four major strokes (front crawl, backstroke, breast stroke, butterfly stroke) are taught for precision execution. We recommend advanced swim instruction for those preparing for swim teams, swim camps, day camps, summer camps and aerobic conditioning.
We also offer one on one aquatic exercise that range from gentle water walking, deep water exercise to individualized structured water fitness programs for building strength, improving circulation and weight management.

To learn more about how you or someone you love can benefit from Aquatic Therapy or private swim instruction, please call Hugo Skinner at 212-289-8020.

Aquatic Exercise Therapy & Expert Private Swim Instruction for Children, Adults, Seniors and Those with Special Needs..